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BTL Exilis Elite

BTL Exilis Elite is a treatment to increase collagen and tighten the skin. It is also an FDA-approved, non-invasive application for wrinkles and rhythms.


It uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin in any part of the body or face, and also uses ultrasound technology that allows the energy to go deeper. It works in three layers and kills fat cells and tightens the skin at the same time. It is also used for removing sagging skin, wrinkles and cellulite.


You will need 4-6 treatments 1-2 weeks apart to achieve optimum results. Being aware of the difference in anatomy as skin thickness changes in different parts of the body, the treatment can also be customized according to the needs and wishes of the patient.

Is it painful?

The Exilis Elite procedure uses safe radio waves to heat the skin and targeted fat cells. It is not painful, but rather a tolerable sensation of heat similar to a hot stone massage during the procedure. There may be mild, temporary redness at the treatment site

Cilt Bakım cihazı BTL Exilis Elite
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In Which Regions Is It Applied?

It can be applied to the face, around the mouth (lines around the lips, wrinkles), around the eyes, wrinkles and crow's feet, Neck, Decollete, Arms and elbow circumference, Abdomen and waist circumference, Legs and inner thighs, Hip and hip areas.

To Whom Is It Applied?

The app is suitable for patients of all ages who show signs of aging or who want to correct problem areas where exercise and diet have failed.

People who are suspected of pregnancy and pregnant, People with vascular occlusion, circulatory disorders, Cancer patients, people receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy,   People with liver and kidney dysfunction, Metal, prosthesis, implant, plate in the application area It is not suitable for patients with nails, screws, a pacemaker, MS and Epilepsy, and it definitely CANNOT be applied.  ​

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