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BTL Vanquish ME - Contactless Aesthetics;

BTL Vanquish ME is a device that uses Selective Radiofrequency Technology, recognizes the tissue difference, finds the fat in the area itself, selects it and ensures that it disappears homogeneously.


The Vanquish ME device is a state-of-the-art non-surgical regional thinning and fat reduction procedure that has no harm to the health of the person approved by the American Health Organization (FDA), and the results of which have been proven by clinical studies, and that eliminates environmental fat without contacting the person during application. Contactless Inspection process; It is used in waist circumference, leg thinning and hip reduction. Since there is no contact with the person during the application and it is done independently of the practitioner, it has taken the name of Contactless Aesthetics. 

For the first time in the world, the proof of reduction in the diameter of the adipose tissue by a device has been proven with MR and ultrasound images. This app has received many awards. It has the American Health Organization FDA “Circumferantial Fat Reduction” Environmental Fat Elimination Approval. It is also the sole owner of the "inner thigh and saddle bags fat reduction" Environmental Fat Elimination Approval in Inner Legs and Hips. In other words, you can easily trust this application that has proven itself all over the world. Moreover, you get non-contact treatment with the warmth felt only in the applied area, without pain and pain from where you lie down. Since these destroyed fats go in equal amounts, it does not cause any deterioration in your body shape. It is not possible for a short time to repeat the oil in the treated area after the application. If you do not make any changes in your diet and take care of a healthy diet, we can safely say that you will not regain the fat you have lost. What needs to be done here is that the person should pay attention to his diet and consume plenty of water after the Contactless Aesthetics with BTL Vanquish ME.

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In Which Regions Is It Applied?

With the BTL Vanquish ME Contactless Aesthetic application, you can treat your regional fat deposits on the abdomen, waist circumference, inner leg, hip and arm and provide a healthy thinning. affects its environment.


Therefore, the system has received Environmental Fat Elimination approval by the US Health Organization FDA. It is designed to work in thinner areas such as hips or inner thigh reduction with the other head, while it covers the entire abdominal region with its sides, thanks to its two different heads.

BTL Vanquish ME does not require gel, cream, anesthesia and pain relief is not required. The treatment is very safe and painless. It's called Contactless.

How Many Sessions Are Applied?

Contactless aesthetic application is applied once a week, 4-6 sessions. Session intervals also vary between 7-10 days. For a person with a high fat percentage, an average of 30 minutes per session. while it takes 45 minutes for people with low fat percentage. it can last.

In clinical studies, it has been observed that thinning between 3 and 16 cm is possible. Another factor affecting the success of the application is drinking plenty of water before the application. Regularly drinking 2.5 liters of water per day will facilitate the oil selection of the device. Because oil does not contain water molecules. This is the oil of the device.  facilitates its separation from other tissues.

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To whom it applies !!!

Despite sports and diet, it is one of the regional fats.  People who cannot get rid of it, as well as those who want to have a noticeable body without the cost of surgery and recovery time can benefit.

This application can be applied to everyone except those with a pacemaker, implant, liver disease and pregnant women

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